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Historical sites, authentic culture, beautiful architecture, long Christian and Jewish traditions, UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are just a few terms that describe the beauty of the Czech Republic, located in the heart of Europe. City of Prague is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe for visitors from around the world. Prague is not only a must, but also other regions, inviting their beautiful castles and churches to visit.


Magni History Travel presents a unique picture of the Czech Republic as a tourist destination with a long and rich history in cultural and religious traditions

The Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe. It offers visitors a variety of experiences: wonderful nature with lots of summer and winter sports. Culture lovers will definitely get their money’s worth because there are numerous concerts and festivals to choose from. Also worth mentioning are the many galleries with art from all eras. Many cities which boast of a great wealth of unique buildings, angles and locations, invite you to visit. Scattered over the whole country are castles which take visitors back in time and give them the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of that time.


We would like to present another jewel of Czech history. Although it is not as famous, everyday it can be found all in different places- churches, castles and in the streets of the cities. It is the wealth of the spiritual heritage (especially Christian) and its historical 


The meeting of different religious movements on one hand led to conflict but also to mutual enrichment. If we take the spiritual battles that took place in Bohemia and Moravia and disregard them, then we could not understand the political changes and developments in the region.  We would lose the understanding of the value  of different cultural phenomena and artistic works.


In the Czech republic, thoughts, and events have exercised their origin, which later influenced not only the surrounding area and Europe, such as the Reformation, but even an attraction to people from other continents.


To name but a few representative; Jan Hus (reformer), Amos Comenius (Bishop of the Brethren and the large Verfassser didactics), TG Masaryk (first president of Czechoslovakia).

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